Reply to Slack
Without Leaving
Your Figma Workspace

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Press or click the floating Aspen logo to get a preview of Aspen

A productivity sidekick on your desktop

Aspen ensures your most used apps like your Calendar and Slack are never more than one tap away, no matter which desktop you're on, or window you're in.

Turn any website into a docked app

Drag any URL into Aspen to have it docked and available on any screen.

There when you need it, gone when you don't

Aspen (and every app opened with it) gets out of your way just as quickly as it appears. This lets you get back in the flow faster than ever before.

Frequently asked questions

Who is the team behind Aspen?
Two friends from college with experience writing a wide range of software from financial services to features on Google Search. And some fantastic investors!
Is this actually real?
It's 100% real and currently used by some very productive people.
When can I started using Aspen?
We are inviting new users from our wait list to join the beta each week, so hopefully soon!
Will this work on my computer?
Aspen works on Mac, Windows, and Linux. However, our team primarily works on Macs so that's where Aspen works best.
Which apps can I use with Aspen?
You can use any webpage (including Gmail, Figma, etc) in Aspen but the fastest experience is with the Taps that we build ourselves for popular services like Slack and Github.
Can I make an app for Aspen?
Of course! ...just not yet. We're still ironing out our SDK but shoot us an email at if you want to get an early preview.

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